Taking The Back Roads Of Hunterdon County

Since moving from Kansas City to Middletown, NJ a few years back, I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the amount of epic rides, historic places and bars that this cool little nook of the United States offers.  Whether it’s taking in the sights, or getting a healthy dose of adrenaline through the many hills, twists, and turns on the rides – either way, taking the back roads of Hunterdon County will suit both.

Today I wanted to tell you about the latest 90+-mile ride we took from East 22 over to Point Pleasant and back.

Starting The Scenic Journey

Lebannon NJ - Route 22 Start

Lebannon NJ – Route 22 Start

Leaving at noon is a great idea as we still had more than enough light to see the road plus enjoy the scenery at a distance. Our starting point is at 22 East towards and through Lebanon, which is a small and quaint town. From there, we turn right on Cherry Road, which gives a great view of the Round Valley Reservoir.

The view from there is simply amazing. On one side, there is water, the hills, and the sky that all seemed to be in a shade of blue. On the other side are farm fields. Route 629 past Stanton is where we rode and taking that route, we further went through farm fields and the woods.

On The Way To Frenchtown

The scenic route has just started and now we’re on our way to Frenchtown. We rode through Hunterdon county where purple hills kept me in awe. Upon reaching the 523 junctions, we go right towards Flemington. The roads in Hunterdon County could really help you feel serene. Any place there looks peaceful and calming.

Before we reached Raritan Township, we crossed the creek. Then, we head towards Cherryville. This is a lovely town and it has a steepled church. Any motorcycle enthusiast should come and visit this place as it shows everything up-close to the motorcyclists while they ride.

When we reached 513, we went left to Pittstown instead of right to Clinton. From there, our views were once again filled with green farm stays. No traffic lights are insight and we’ve only come across some stop signs through the town.

Through this route, we were also able to see absolutely beautiful fluffy white pines, spruced-up farmhouses, green pastures, and barns with orchards. It’s a site even more beautiful than a picture can ever show. We also went past the Alexandria airport and views of farms in multi-colored hues until we reached Frenchtown.

Stretching Legs On The Delaware & Raritan Canal State Park

From Race Street, we head left to Trenton Avenue towards Lambertville, where we can see the Delaware River. That was the perfect time to stretch our legs. The scenic views plus the scent of the air seems a little colder and fresher here. Maybe this is due to the presence of the river on the right and the dark woods over to the left.

After the needed stretch we continued our journey towards what looks like a mountain. From there, we saw old homes that are tucked cozily in the trees. We also passed over a skinny bridge over the river towards Lumberville.

Stockton To Lumberville

Stockton Inn at Night

Stockton Inn at Night

We crossed the river once again in Stockton where you can find a small hotel appropriately called the “Stockton Inn” that is apparently up for sale.  It has the coolest little wishing well like something out of Old England. You can stop there or at Dilly’s corner but we didn’t and just continued our way to New hope by making a left turn. Northbound we rode up the Delaware where we go through the woods again.

The River Road is covered by the trees and their shade brings a delightful cool feeling amidst the sunny afternoon. Afterwhich, we pass through Lumberville, which has old but gorgeous homes.

Onto Point Pleasant

At the crossing, we turned right to 32 North where the road was in between the canal and river. It is at a village store at Point Pleasant where we decided to stop for a while to get drinks and feel the air conditioning. This is a good stop to eat and drink because they have various selections of drinks, ice-cream, grilled products, sandwiches, and even home-made sweets. They also have a table for you to eat inside or outdoors.

And We’re Back On The Road

After that quick break, we went back on the road out of Point Pleasant on the north end. Beautiful towns with beautiful homes were a common scene for these back roads. However, there is still something unique to each and every one of them.

From Frenchtown, we go uphill to the left as we head north. The hills of the Highlands are just insight. Once we reached 625 North, we took a left towards Alexandria then through Clinton and through the Rubble Road. Then we took the 78 to exit to the Round Valley Access Road. The journey was long, fun, and very scenic. The back roads of Hunterdon County can really provide you with that mellow and enjoyable feeling. It is one of the best scenic routes I took.

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