Summer Tips For Newbie Riders

Summer is a great time to start with a new hobby. Have you ever dreamed of riding your motorcycle on a coastal road and just appreciating the view?

Turn that dream into reality and start exploring the local New Jersey coastal areas. There are plenty of great views to see.

As newbies, it is great to start with shorter rides just to familiarize yourself in riding solo or even in groups.

However, the hot summer sun can cause health problems if you don’t properly prepare for it. Motorcycles aren’t shaded and don’t have AC like cars so you’ll definitely be under the sun.

Let’s all enjoy riding, stay healthy and safe. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when riding under the summer sun.

Strategically Choose The Time To Ride

Every motorcycle rider has felt the burning itch to just ride and go somewhere. Even if it is a short ride, there is still satisfaction when you give in to that urge.

However, when you do feel the itch to ride during the summer days, make sure that you strategically choose the time of day to take your motorcycle out for a ride.

You may think that the cool wind due to your speed is enough to keep you cool, but it might not at all times. Especially when there isn’t a cloud in sight.

The sun constantly shining on you is too hot to bear especially if you take your rides at noon. So avoid riding your motorcycles between 11:00 am to 3:00 pm. Take morning rides or afternoon rides instead. You’d still be able to enjoy the feeling of riding and appreciating scenery.

Gear Up For The Weather

Your body is more exposed when you ride a motorcycle as compared to a car. That’s part of the fun and thrill of the ride. However, you also need to know how to protect yourself.

Protection isn’t just limited to injuries in case you crash. Protection should also be used against harsh weather. That isn’t just limited to the cold but also to the hot weather.

There are clothes specifically designed for protecting your body against possible abrasion and the heat of the sun.

However, you could also choose other clothing and motorcycle gear. Just make sure they are breathable and moisture-wicking. Don’t make the mistake of removing clothing or gear when it gets too hot. Exposed skin is more prone to dehydration and sunburn.

Vented Helmets

Most motorcycle helmets today have vents, especially the full-faced ones. They allow your sweat to evaporate. The vents also help air get access to your head.

Some people feel the difference when the vents are open while others do not. Nevertheless, allowing air to pass through can help you cool down whether you feel it or not.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

It can be fun to take long continuous rides but it would be best to make quick stops and keep yourself hydrated. Stopping and finding shade also helps cool you down because you aren’t exposed to the sun at all times.

Sweating is the body’s natural way of cooling down and you should replenish the lost fluid by hydrating yourself. Make sure to pack water or you could also drink fluids with electrolytes if you prefer.

Eye Protection And Sunscreen

Some helmets already have attached eye protection. However, some do not. If yours doesn’t have one, make sure you wear suitable eyewear that also blocks UVA and UVB. Apart from protecting against UV radiation, they will also help protect the eyes from dust or insects flying.

As for exposed skin, you should use sunscreen on them. Even on a cloudy day, your skin could still get sunburned. You may think that a little sunburn wouldn’t hurt but it would. Furthermore, it also increases the risk of developing skin cancer.

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