Scenic Drives In New Jersey For Motorcycles

New Jersey has many beautiful main roads and backroads that locals and tourists can be very proud of. There’s a scenic spot at Route 295 that has a great view of the Delaware River. Then there’s also the beautiful Garden State Parkway that is home to various wonderful foliage.

What about you? Which is your favorite road when in New Jersey. For us, there are plenty of roads here that you can include when you create your own motorcycle riding route. For today, We’ll tell you more about the gorgeous roads you can take.

Route 15

Connecting Dover to US 206  in Sussex County is Route 15. This is 19.5 miles in Northern Jersey where you can view wonderful sights of streams, farms, and the Sussex airport field as well. The route starts in Dover and then ends in Frankford Township.

If you are riding on your motorcycle just before fall ends, you’ll be able to spot wonderful colors that are characteristic of fall foliage. It’s a curvy road filled up and down the mountains. Every turn gives a beautiful scenic view of nature.

Route 23

Another wonderful road to take is Route 23. Although this road is one of the oldest that New Jersey has, about 300 years old,  it still looks as wonderful as the other newer routes. This route stretches for 52 miles starting from Montague Township until Verona Township. Even a small portion of this road is great to take when you are creating your own motorcycle riding route.

Towards the north, you’d find lots of farmlands and forests. It gives you a sense of peace and oneness with nature.

Delaware River Scenic Byway

Stunning views of the water never get old and if you agree with that, then don’t miss this scenic route. Ride towards the Delaware river and you’ll be welcomed by a view of the historic towns like Frenchtown and Raven Rock. The view of the water is lovely at any time of day.

Route 519

Route 519 has an interesting name for some. Some call it the “Land of Make Believe highway”. The route starts in Rosemont leading you through vineyards, horse farms, and beautiful scenic roads filled with fall colors.

Just ride carefully especially through the turns and corners. It boasts fantastic views that could capture anyone’s attention. The route extends for 89 miles. For the best views, make sure you pass by the Old Red Mill in Clinton and the Newfoundland train station as well. You could also find the Land of Make Believe there where you can make a stop to hang out or rest.

Route 521

Filled with state parks, natural scenery, and lakes, this route is great to take if you want to further explore the natural scenery in New Jersey. While on this route, you shouldn’t forget to make a stop at the Stillwater general store. It has some serious history as it is the oldest general store in the state. It was opened in 1876.

The route is shorter at only 43 miles but lots of scenic points like the State Line Lookout, Rockefeller Lookout, and Alpine Lookout are all found in this route.

Palisades Scenic Byway

Starting at Fort Lee, this route takes about 9 to 11 miles through Bergen county. You’d see a breathtaking view of Manhattan plus other fall foliage viewing sites. As this is a road within the park, you’d see many of what the park offers such as picnic areas, overlooks, and trails.

Garden State Parkway

The Garden State Parkway is another great route to go to. The best parts are located along 0 and exit 54. Within this 50 mile stretch is a wonderful view of the Atlantic ocean. Stopping at Strathmore is possible if you are into a short break to enjoy the public beaches for a quick stroll or splash in the water.

Another are with the Garden State Parkway that looks amazing is the stone bridges you’ll pass by as you head towards Sussex county. Although there aren’t really any great areas to stop to take pictures, you should still be able to enjoy the view as you enjoy your motorcycle riding adventure.



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